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Numerous factors determine the price point of an environmental site assessment. Size of Property, availability of documentation, and known site are considerations that are closely evaluated before pricing out a Phase 1 ESA. Typical Cost for a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment in Dallas Forth Worth are is between $1650 – $2500.

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What is a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment?

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a preliminary investigation conducted by an environmental professional to evaluate the environmental condition of a given property. Typically performed during the due diligence phase of real estate transactions, this assessment is usually done to identify potential environmental liabilities with a property, such as necessary remediation or groundwater contamination, hazardous materials, or other environmental concerns.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has established several guidelines governing the execution of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). The primary guideline for Phase 1 ESAs is ASTM E1527, known as the “Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.” This guideline delineates the steps and benchmarks for conducting Phase 1 ESAs, including the extent of work, methods for data collection, and the structure of reports.

Moreover, ASTM has introduced a revised edition of this guideline, ASTM E1527-21, released in 2021. This updated version incorporates modifications to align with prevailing regulatory mandates and industry standards. It is imperative for practitioners engaged in Phase 1 ESAs to conform to these ASTM guidelines to ensure uniformity, comprehensiveness, and adherence to regulatory stipulations. Adhering to these guidelines facilitates the delivery of dependable evaluations of environmental conditions for properties undergoing real estate transactions or development endeavors. Phase 1 Environmental Cost is the lowest in the industry.

How Long Does a Phase 1 Environmental Take?

The turnaround time for a phase 1 environmental site assessment typically ranges around five days from the time of the site reconnoissance providing clients with timely insights into the environmental condition of a property. Our Phase 1 Environmental Cost price point is set to be as low as possible for the convenience of our customersHowever, in more complex cases or when additional investigations are required, this timeframe could extend up to a month. Factors such as the size and complexity of the property, availability of historical data, and the need for specialized testing or analysis can influence the duration of the assessment process. Despite potential variations in turnaround time, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy remains paramount to deliver comprehensive findings that support informed decision-making regarding property transactions or development projects.

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The primary objective of a Phase 1 Environmental site assessment in Texas is to determine whether there are any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) present on the property. RECs are defined as the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property due to past or present activities that could pose a risk to human health or the environment. These activities might include previous industrial uses or improper waste disposal or nearby contamination.

phase 1 environmental dallas fort worth

ASTM Standards

phase 1 environmental cost phase 1 environmental site assessment company dallas fort worth

Commission Environmental Quality

phase 1 environmental site assessment phase 1 environmental cost

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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Company Dallas Fort Worth Texas

During a Phase 1 the environmental professionals or E.P. do a comprehensive review of historical records, such as aerial photographs, fire insurance maps, regulatory agency databases, and past land use records. No matter the Phase 1 Environmental Cost They also perform site inspections to assess current conditions and potential sources of contamination. Interviews with current and past property owners, as well as neighboring properties to gather information about the property’s environmental history. https://environmentalphaseone has a great read about the historical research done during a Phase 1 ESA. Our Phase 1 Environmental Cost is $1,650

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Phase 1 ESA Report

When all relevant information has been gathered and digested, the environmental professional prepares a Phase 1 ESA in Texas report with findings and conclusions. If no RECs are identified, the report will includes a recommendation for no further action. When RECs are identified, further investigation in the form of a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment will be recommended to assess the contamination.

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